Topics: Families and children

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1857 - South Coastal - view


1860s - North Coastal - view

Birth of Hannah Matilda Ashby, daughter of James Ashby.

1861 - South Coastal - view

Malone family

1862 - North West - view

The Walter family

1863 - West - view


1863 - North Coastal - view

Clara Duggan, born 4 November 1863 at Wattle Flat, NSW. Esther’s daughter (William’s mother), descendants of Bowen.

1866 - North West - view

The two older children are taken away from her

1869 - South West - view

families who have a close association with early land claims

1872 - West - view

children, six boys and two girls

1876 - South Coastal - view

extended family

1876 - West - view

great grand daughter

1878 - South West - view

They loved their children with an intense love

1878 - West - view


1880s - North Coastal - view

Mrs Benns (and husband Joseph Benns) are still living on Pittwater. She acts as midwife to all the families along the Hawkesbury River.

1880s - North Coastal - view

Marriage of Hannah Matilda Ashby to Henry Stanford Boyd. These descendants of Bungaree have many children including Jean Boyd and Matilda Ellen Boyd.

1880 - Central - view

forming homes, cultivation and production of grain

1880 - West - view


1881 - North Coastal - view

William Henry Allsopp is born 25 th October at Sallys Flat, NSW. He is a direct descendant of Kitty. Other family members include Madge Gweneth Allsopp who has a son Ronald William Fletcher.

1881 - North Coastal - view

“went to North Shore – gave rations for children – meat, flour, tea and sugar. In evening called at black’s camp – glad to see me, conducted by ’fire sticks‘ [led by Koori guides] blacks drunk – back to Sydney in ferry – saw Jane half caste street walking at night”.

1882 - South Coastal - view