Topics: Families and children

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1836 - North West - view

He has one wife but no children

1836 - North West - view

He has a wife, but no children

1836 - North West - view

wife and two sons. One of the boys dies

1836 - North Coastal - view

Bowen (Toura Bungaree) and his wife Maria, and daughters Jonza, Nan, Theda (Jane), and son Mark, move to Pittwater, near Barrenjoey. Bowen has perhaps decided to lead his clan away from the destruction and poverty of Sydney life back to a semi traditional existence.

1837 - North Coastal - view

Birth of Maria Nanberri.

1837 - North Coastal - view

The ( Sydney Gazette , 2 Feb 1837) reported that Bridget Riley an Aboriginal native arrayed in a robe of spotless white, which contrasted strongly with her skin, was charged with having suffered from the influence of ‘bool’: she stated that she sat down [lived] at Broken Bay, to which place she was ordered to betake herself with all speed, and not be again seen drunk in the streets of Sydney.

1838 - North West - view

removal of Goori children from their families, the exclusion of Goori children from the public school system, exclusion of Gooris from the public welfare system, the exclusion of Gooris from award wage entitlements and the denial of Goori rights to land and cultural pursuits

1839 - North West - view

forcible detention of Goori women in the squatting districts

1839 - North West - view

Eliza takes a great interest in the welfare and culture of Aborigines

1839 - North West - view

The women are dressed in “loose ragged gowns” and the men in a “strip of blanket wrapped round the middle, or a pair of tattered pantaloons”

1839 - North West - view

One woman is “good-looking, with large black eyes, white teeth and small features”. She is well dressed and has a “pretty half-caste” clinging to her skirts

1840s - North Coastal - view

Birth of Mary Jane Fonseca, daughter of Esther Aiken, a descendant of Kitty. She dies in 1924.

1840 - North West - view

Aboriginal families and tribes

1840 - North West - view

he and his unnamed wife had one son

1840 - North West - view

Two “lads” track and pursue with the “horse police”

1842 - South Coastal - view

eleven children

1842 - North West - view

Bubbya and his wife had a child, a son

1842 - South West - view

Lock family

1843 - North West - view

Betty and Johnny Cox have seven children

1845 - South Coastal - view

When he was a kid