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About the project
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About the project

‘North Coastal’ is the first stage of a five year project on the history of Aboriginal Sydney supported by the Australian Research Council and the Department of History, University of Sydney. It is intended for use in schools, especially in Sydney, by Aboriginal families and organisations, by the non-Indigenous people of Sydney who wish to know and share more of the lives and achievements of Australia's first peoples.

Each of the six geographical regions, of which ‘North Coastal’ is the first, will include a calendar of events, historical posters, interactive maps, videoed interviews, site visits and other features currently under development. An important priority for the project is to give equal weight to the achievements of the descendants of traditional owners, and to those who later came to live in Sydney.

In 2011 'Central' Sydney was completed.  In 2012 South Coastal and West were almost completed except for maps.

Our plans for 2013

This year we plan to complete the sections of the website for South West Sydney and North West Sydney.

If you or a family member would like to contribute information, a picture or a video, please contact peter.read@sydney.edu.au

How to use this website

WARNING: Users  are reminded that website may contain images of  people now deceased which may cause distress.

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See our publications for more information about the project and website:

Sukovic, Suzana, and Peter Read. 2011. 'A History of Aboriginal Sydney ... digitally delivering the past to the present'. Paper presented at Information Online 2011: ALIA 15th Conference & Exhibition, 1-3 February, at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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