Topics: Families and children: South West

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Auntie Dolly Brown moved from Queensland as a young girl, with her 15 brothers and sisters


Auntie Glenda Chalker recalls some of her family history and the connections being rekindled between local families

1805 - view

‘A Number of Natives, composed of the Families

1809 - view

settler families

1814 - view

children of James Daley

1827 - view

Cox family

1842 - view

Lock family

1855 - view

a remarkable network of family relationships

1869 - view

families who have a close association with early land claims

1878 - view

They loved their children with an intense love

1888 - view

Burragorang’s Aboriginal Families

1914 - view

Antill family

1918 - view

Burragorang families

1924 - view

Albert Shepherd’s family