Individual names for Aboriginal languages are mentioned again after many years absence.

Birth of Mary Jane Castles. She later marries George Stubbings. They have 7 girls and 4 boys.

  • George Stubbings and wife Mary Jane Lock
  • Lillian Stubbings


Martha Hobbs nee Everingham.(also known as Martha Hibbs) is a Koori woman from the Hawkesbury area, possibly at Hibbs Point. She marries Ephraim Everingham the son of Mildred Saunders and John Everingham. They settle around Sackville, live for a time on the Tizzana winery. Their children, six boys and two girls go to local schools. Martha dies on 8 Oct, 1926.

  • Tizzana Winery where many Koori men were employed
  • Tizzana Winery (where Koori workers laboured on vines)


Birth of Darcy David Randolph Webb.

  • Eve Agnes Lock married Darcy webb 1904.
  • Lock and Webb family Katoomba
  • Descendants of Robert and Maria Lock. Theresa Moran and Eva Webb-nee Lock


Death of Jane Lock, at 38 years. (see photo of burial stone)

  • Jane Lock's gravestone, Clysedale, 1878

Birth of Louise Emily Bartle nee Lewis at Marra Marra Creek, Hawkesbury River. She is the daughter of Tom Lewis and great grand daughter of Matora Bungaree of the Guringai.

  • Arthur Bartle born 1921 grandson of William Bartle born 1869


John Luke Barber remarries for a third time to a European woman Elizabeth Ann Morley at Sackville Reach. The couple live at what becomes Sackville Aborigines Reserve.

  • Barbers and Frederick, Albert and   Wesley Everingham, George Morley in background 1901

Death of Maria Lock, aged 70 years. Her entry in the Prospect St, Bartholemew Church burial register reads, “Last of the Blacktown Blacks’. Her lands at Liverpool and Blacktown are divided between her 9 surviving children. The lands at Blacktown stay within the control of the Locke family for many years but are taken from them for non payment of rates. The exact location of her grave is unknown. The children are: Alfred John Everingham, 1878 -1951; Alvina Everingham, 1880-1947; Oliver Garnet Everingham, 1883-1955; Charles Sackville Everingham, 1884-1956; Carrington Seymour Everingham 1886 -1968; Rachel Clara Everingham, 1889 in Sackville Reach NSW – 1930; Arthur Ephraim Everingham, 1891, Sackville Reach NSW- 1983; Sidney Errol Everingham, 1896 -1968 in Sydney; Arthur Ephraim Everingham, 1891 in Sackville Reach -1983.

  • Alfred Everingham
  • Alfie Everingham, son of Mildred Saunders (Budha), Epraim Everingham and his wife Martha (Madha)


Birth of Ada Maria Lock. She marries Thomas Castles in 1894. Ada’s grandmother is Maria Lock born in 1805.

Birth of William James (Percy) Stubbings. Served in Boer War d squadron 3rd mounted rifles, lived in Kingswood.

  • Edith Stubbings
  • George Stubbings and wife Mary Jane Lock