Sarah, daughter of James Knight labourer of Mulgoa and Diana an Aboriginal native, born 23.12.1839, baptised 21. 2.1840, Parish of Mulgoa. Birth of Lucy Burns at Liverpool. Her family also lived at Mamre in South Creek, a farm owned by Samuel Marsden’s son.

  • Samuel Marsden's house Mamre, his son Charles allowed Koories to camp nearby

Birth of John Thomas, parents unknown.

William, son of Aboriginal natives, aged about 5 years, baptised 22. 3.1840, Parish of St. Lawrence, Sydney. Guardian is Mr Robert Hancock Wheelwright of Parramatta St. (Child's surname, Hancock (Murrang)).

Indigenous Australians forbidden to use firearms without permission of a Justice of Peace.


Birth of Lucy Patterson, an Aboriginal native girl. Sponsors Rev. T. Bodenham, Eliza Chapman and Sophy Campbell, aged about 8 years, baptised 1. 3.1842, St. James, Sydney


Maria Locke acquires Colebee’s 12ha farm which is located close by the Native Institute at Blacktown. With her family she moves there in 1844 and acquires a total of 25 hectares.

  • Site of Narragingy and Colebee land grant
  • Site of Colebee Grant at Richmond Rd, Plumpton
  • Site of burial ground on Colebee grant


Windsor and Richmond Gazette, page 2: “The forthcoming Regatta appears to be the general topic of conversation amongst all classes, in this dashing little town and neighbourhood, and we fully anticipate from the "arrangements made in getting it up, it will be a rich treat, being the first aquatic recreation ever held on the lovely and majestic stream of the Hawkesbury. Boats of every description, from first-class gigs and- whale boats, to little dinghies, and even Aboriginal canoes are already to be seen floating on the river, fitted up in first-rate style, ornamented with their various badges of distinction.”

The Sydney Aboriginal Population is in serious decline. A parliamentary enquiry is appointed to investigate this.


The Darug population is noticeably diminishing, but many local families have Aboriginal heritage.