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1788 - view

On 22 January, two cutters and a long boat sail into the harbour. Captain Arthur Phillip watches the Aboriginal men who wade into the water without their spears to examine the English boats. Phillip writes “their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name Manly Cove to this place”. Phillip’s Instructions are to “conciliate their affections … maintain friendly relations with the natives if possible”.

1788 - view

Later in the year, Phillip sets out in 3 small vessels to explore Broken Bay. “They were met by a great number of the Natives, Men, Women and Children, the men well armed. very friendly”. In Pittwater they meet an old Koori man and a boy. The old man then helps them gather leaves for their beds. He takes off with a metal spade but the soldiers force him to return it. The man raises his spear but when the soldiers threaten him with muskets he backs down. “[T]his roused the anger of Phillip, who seemed to think that even a ‘savage’ ought to understand the rights of property, and he showed his displeasure to the thief”. (Anderson 1920, p. 22)

1789 - view

Capture of Arabanoo, a Kayeemaigal man, at Manly Cove, and on Governor Phillip’s orders. The boats proceeded to Manly Cove, where several Indians were seen standing on the beach, who were enticed by courteous behavior and a few presents to enter into conversation. A proper opportunity being presented, our people rushed in among them, and seized two men. The rest fled, but the cries of the captives soon brought them back, with many others to their rescue … only one of them was secured; the other effected his escape … an attack from the shore instantly commenced.

1826 - view

A punitive expedition is mounted by the British against Koories near Wyong.

1880 - view

Turo became an employee of Captain Anderson. A great swimmer and runner, he impresses those who see him when he dives from the rocks at Kilcare Beach to emerge with a lobster.