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1843 - view

Birth of James Ashby, son of Charlotte Ashby. Marriage of Charlotte to James Ashby. They receive a land grant at Dora Creek, (Wyee). After Charlotte’s husband dies her children are taken away and put into the Benevolent Society Institution and her land is confiscated. Charlotte is incarcerated in a psychiatric institution. The family recall that once the police found out they were Aboriginal, they moved them on, saying “She’s only a blackfella anyway”.

1847 - view

Threlkeld had a mission station near Lake Macquarie. He stated that the Aborigines had strayed from God’s path and as a result were doomed.

1889 - view

Aboriginal Reserve is established at Sackville in upper reaches of the Hawkesbury River. Many Aboriginal families move there and worked on Dr Fiashi’s vineyard at Tizzana. Many languages are spoken at the reserve, including Daruk, Guringai and Darkinyung  

1920s - view

About a dozen girls from the Cootamundra Training Home for Aboriginal Girls are placed in North side homes as domestic servants. They looked after small children or worked in the kitchens and seldom had any contact with their families or friends from Cootamunda.