Sites of dispossession become sites of interaction with settlers. Mungurru becomes a place where Gandangara children attend school with settlers’ children or church. J. Smith, ‘Gundungurra Country’, PhD thesis, 2008, p. 628, see also ‘New Insights on Gandangara Place Names, http://epress.anu.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ch0414.pdf


Birth of Thomas Leane.

Sir Joseph Carruthers allows Tharawal people to camp in front of his house fronting Kogarah Bay.


Agnes Malone (daughter of George Charles Gilbert, grand-daughter, Namut Gilbert) is living at Ellesmere Blacks Camp on Kogarah Bay (on the grounds owned and occupied by Premier Joseph Carruthers), with daughters, Mary and Eliza (grand-daughters of John Malone, Dharawal local Identity and Language Informant). They add their names to the successful petition for the establishment of the first school at Sandringham (Sans Souci). Among them is the great great grandmother of Karen Maber. VIDEO


William Toliman dies aged 44. His father’s name is given as Oh Mai. writes, “William Toliman and the Illawarra woman Mary Smith founded one of the best known of the Burragorang’s Aboriginal Families, the Shepherds, via the marriage of their daughter Selena to William Albert Shepherd.” J. Smith, ‘Gundungurra Country’, PhD thesis, 2008, p. 56.

Billy Lynch is living at or near the Gully, Katoomba. He has a section adjacent to the Six Foot Track, which hikers use as the walking track to Jenolan Caves. Johnson, Sacred Waters, p. 56.


Annie Sherritt applies to the Lands Department for permissive occupancy over three portions of lands, one having a frontage onto the Wollondilly River Johnson, Sacred Waters, p. 40.

Hugh Anderson attempts to establish an independent Aboriginal community in Kangaroo Valley. Smith, p. 281.