Samuel Hassall reports seeing a corroboree at Camden at which over four hundred aborigines take part. www.camdenhistory.org.au/chhistoryofcamden


Baptism of Chief Cooman’s children Eleanor and Elizabeth, their mother is listed as Nellie Oolonga (Nah Doongh or Black Nellie) from Mulgoa (Nepean) clan. Elizabeth (Betsy) later has two children called Catherine and Emma with Hubert Waldron. Emma marries George Timbery of La Perouse. Cooman also had two children with Betsy Jubba (Jabbo Jabbo or Betsy Giles) Source J L Kohen 2009

Birth of Eleanor Cooman in Liverpool. She is the daughter of Betsy Jubba? Also in 1821 the birth of Elizabeth (Betsy Cooman) baptized in that year, daughter of Nelly Oolunga and Cooman.

Thousands of hectares of the most fertile areas of the lower Cox River are becoming less accessible to Aboriginal people. The areas most desired by settlers are river frontages, particularly areas with two river frontages, the junction of boundaries, areas of fertile soil produced by flooding of flat areas at sharp river beds, areas of rich brown soil and areas already cleared by Koori people.


Baptism of Clair Namut (Clara) and Mary Ann Namut baptised in 1826. Their father is Gilbert and mother is Betsy.


Baptism of Rosa de Santa Maria (Bungy) Gilbert. She is the daughter of Chief Gilbert and Judith of the Cobragal clan. Listed on blanket lists with Prospect clan in 1839, 1842 and 1843. She is sent to Wellington Valley Mission in 1828. (Brook and Kohen 1991)

Birth of Samuel Colbee, son of Kitty and Colebee. He is listed as living at Camden with the Richmond tribe in 1851. (Brook and Kohen 1991)


According to the census, Peggy (Margaret Reed) is living at the Blacktown settlement. She is 11 years old. Her place of birth is Parramatta. She was probably removed to the Female Orphan Institution at Parramatta in 1825. (see videos by Neil Sainsbury)


Baptism of Martha (Burraga) Gilbert sister of Rosa.

Robert Lock (ex convict)and his Darug wife Maria, leave their 4 acre farm at the Native Institution and move to the Reverend Cartwright’s farm at Liverpool, beside Cabramatta creek. Robert is employed by Cartwright. He builds a house for him and his wife on the land.


Baptism of George Charles Namut (Gilbert, Granboroo) son of Polly and Gilbert. She is from the Duck River or Concord clan. He marries Eliza in 1856, and later Lady Ngary (Talegar, Murrum-grook) Gippsland, Victoria. On Prospect blanket list she is listed as of the Liverpool Tribe. (Kohen 2009)

Birth of Mary Ann Namut (also listed as Maryan and Marian) of Liverpool returns. On baptism certificate she is listed as “Of the Liverpool tribe”. (Kohen 2009)

Campbelltown. Cabrogal Chief of Liverpool, Namut Gilbert, engaged as Black Tracker by local Police, locates the body of murdered settler, Frederick Fisher. (Trove: The Inquirer & Commercial News (Perth, WA: 1855-1901) 6 January 1899. Charles George Gilbert, son of Namut Gilbert & Polly, is baptised at St Marys Catholic Church, Airds. (NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages) VIDEO

Francis Cooman baptised


St. Thomas, Mulgoa, 97th anniversary. Rev. W. R. Bowers, Rector or the Parish, in 1911, writes that each clan occupied separate portions of the tribal territory, or "Taurai" or food and hunting grounds. "Mulgoie" (Mulgoa) was one of these. Tooth evulsion (removal of a front tooth in adolescent boys) took place in the sight of Mulgoa's beautiful church. In the memory of one of the oldest inhabitants as many as 200 Aboriginals have been seen together at "The Cottage," the first residence of the Cox family in Mulgoa in the early days. (Adapted from Trove – Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW: 1882-1962) 1935.

Daniel Cooman baptised, in Liverpool. He is the son of Chief Cooman. (note drawing by Phelps 1834). In the same year, Patrick? Norbetus Colebee is born. He is the son of Colebee (a native constable also known as Sailor) and Kitty.

Birth of Harriet Lock. daughter of Maria Lock (sister of Colebee)and Robert Lock at Liverpool.


Baptism of Emma Gilbert. Peggy is living with Reverend Thomas Hassall and his wife Ann (nee Marsden). According to the census in 1828 Peggy is the servant of Reverend William Walker. She was very religious and highly literate. Listed in blanket lists with Prospect clan aged 13 in 1841, as is her sister Martha Gilbert, and also listed with the Duck Creek tribe. J L Kohen Daruganora: Darug Country-The Place and the People Part 2


Birth of Robert Lock, Liverpool.