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1851 - North West - view

“The Evangelizing of the Aborigines…must be carried on, if at all, in other localities than Windsor…I am not aware that there is a single one left in the parish. A few wander hither, from other places

1851 - North West - view

With discovery of gold 1851, governments and churches largely ignore Aboriginal people for thirty odd years

1851 - West - view

evangelizing of the Aborigines

1853 - North Coastal - view

Bowen is shot by four white bushrangers at Newport. He is 56 years old. John Farrell relates that a bushranger Casey, who frequented Bushranger’s Hill, had murdered Bowen as he sat by his fire at night. Farrell describes Bowen as “one of the finest darkies I ever met. I looked upon Bowen almost as a brother … and was prepared to … have blood for blood” for Bowen’s murderer. His body is taken to St Lawrence Presbyterian Church cemetery but later his grave is moved to Pioneer Park at Botany.

1853 - North West - view

Morris is sentenced to three years hard labour on the roads

1853 - North West - view

Wickety Wee and Morris travel to Maitland gaol to stand trial

1854 - North West - view

Death of Jackey Jackey

1855 - North West - view

Death of Aboriginal poet Wallati (or Wullati, English spelling “Wollaje”)

1857 - North West - view

King” of the Newcastle tribes dies and is buried close to the Aboriginal camp

1857 - South West - view

He demands recognition for long tenure of this land

1857 - South Coastal - view

writes a petition to the NSW government

1860 - North West - view

They escape on horse back with Fred Britten and become a bush ranging gang in the Stroud area. Mary Ann is supported by her Aboriginal relations. Frederick assumes the title of Captain Thunderbolt

1860 - North West - view

given a breastplate

1861 - North West - view

King Tom of Dunmore, Maitland is captured on film by an unknown studio photographer. He is sitting cross-legged, wearing a breast plate and holding a boomerang

1863 - North West - view

“Yellow Billy” is captured in 1867. At around twenty-five years of age, “Billy” is sentenced to twenty years imprisonment

1866 - North West - view

Mary Ann is charged with being an “an idle and disorderly person and a companion of reputed thieves

1867 - North West - view

He visits and stays in NSW in 1862 to coach teams in Sydney. In April 1867 he joins an Aboriginal team, which he takes on the first cricket tour to England where they play 47 matches over six months

1867 - North West - view

Twopenny is the surprise bowling find of the tour. Playing against East Hampshire he secures 9 wickets for 9 runs by his eleventh over. Twopenny also plays against the Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord’s in London

1867 - North West - view

1867 the Maitland Mercury reports on a cricket match between a white Maitland representative team and the Koori cricket team from Victoria

1867 - North West - view

Aboriginal protest in Upper Hunter Valley. Aboriginal people refuse to vacate their camp site on the village reserve in Gundy when settlers choose it as the spot on which to build St Matthews Church