Topics: Environment: North West

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Barbara Grew describes the fight to protect a local art site and the land and community from the proposed expansion of the Calga sand mine

1789 - view

yams in “greatest plenty” on the marshy banks

1824 - view

Timbercutters advance

1825 - view

inexhaustible body of sea shells, offer a valuable manure for generations to come

1826 - view

open elevated Forest Country

1826 - view

sandstone mountains with deep gorges and razor-back ridges that end suddenly in towering bluffs

1826 - view

Lake Paterson is one important wetland. It is increasingly drained for agriculture

1827 - view

rich alluvial land

1828 - view

mangrove mudflats

1842 - view

The lake abounded with fish of all sorts…several points of land which extended into the lake were black with ducks and water fowl; they were in the thousands [with] countless pelicans

1889 - view

Margaret Smith Hall (1833-1909), John Smith Hall ’s unmarried sister purchased sixty acres of Crown Land adjoining her land and “Lilburn Cottage” situated on a portion of “Lilburndale”

1890 - view

They grow and harvest vegetables including corn, potatoes and cabbages

1941 - view

The river teeming with fish, even the calmness of the water, the high tides of Xmas, and the floods. Bird calls

1941 - view

black currants, puddings and wild raspberrys

1941 - view

wattle tree

1941 - view

native bee nests

2009 - view

Wonnarua Aboriginal Corporation to grow local trees to reclaim bushland