All known living Gandangara descendants today can trace their ancestry from the 19th century ancestors including Elizabeth Clarkson, Charles Jellick, Billy Emei, Jenny Belliont, Bobby Murrein, Murrandah, Jackie Grant, Morris Lynch, Ellen Clayton and mother of Patty Fisher.

Glenda Chalker greets NSW Governor Marie Bashir on the 200th anniversary of her ancestors meeting Governor Macquarie.


John Westbury of Link Up muses on the possibility of return and acceptance of all stolen generations victims. Video, ‘Some deep questions at Link Up’


Gandangara Aboriginal Land Council’s vision is to create a sustainable, economic foundation on which to build the long-term independence of Aboriginal people. Gandangara provides a range of social services, including health, housing, transport, employment and training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. These services are provided to Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land Council members, other Aboriginal people and the general community through a group of companies/entities including the Land Council, Gandangara Employment and Training Services, Gandangara Housing Services, Gandangara Health Services, Gandangara Transport Services and Gandangara Management Services. Gandangara LALC is also one of the single largest landowners in both the Liverpool and Sutherland Shire Council areas, owning more than 1500 hectares. At West Menai is a forward thinking plan for the conservation and development of 850 hectares in south-west Sydney. Projects like the one at Heathcote Ridge will see Gandangara work towards achieving its goal of economic independence. Gandangara Land Council also supports community and assists in overcoming obstacles in relation to mobility of its consumers by providing and / or having available a fleet of 21 vehicles (the GLALC Fleet). The GLALC Fleet currently deliver 650 client trips every week. Gandangara Transport Services provides transport to those in need, from consumers attending doctors’ appointments or consumers with a disability, to those who need transport to go grocery shopping. Gandangara Employment and Training Services (GETS) . GETS has partnerships with Woolworths Ltd, BusinessLink and a number of other organisations that offer employment opportunities as well as several internal, professional positions with the The Gandangara Group.