McIntyre, the Governor’s gamekeeper is speared by Pemulwuy, a powerful warrior of the Bidjigal. Phillip orders a revenge expedition to catch the culprits. They march to Botany Bay, the orders to bring back two men to be executed and the heads of ten more. The Botany Bay people are targeted because Bennelong has suggested that Pemulwuy comes from this area but in fact Pemulwuy’s people the Bidjigal are the “woods tribe”. They discover Coleby who tells them that he has fled to the south. It is thought now that thought that Pemulwuy was born in the vicinity of Salt Pan Creek. Video: Richard Green: Blackfeller Land.

  • Salt Pan Creek, where women gathered wild flowers
  • Salt Pan Creek where stone wharf was located

Pemulwuy is involved in many attacks on the settlers throughout the decade. He is said to be invulnerable to bullets because he has been unharmed so many times.


‘Bos’n’ Mahroot is born. His father. he said, could recall the entry of the First Fleet


Pemulwuy enters Parramatta and engages in an armed affray with the soldiers. Taken to hospital, he escapes in his leg irons and continues his war against the settlers and the Redcoats.


Koori people, even from Wiradjuri country as well as Gandangara, commonly use both sides of the Georges River for travel towards and from the coast. They continue to do so until well into the twentieth century.

  • Botany Bay boomerangs
  • Retta Dixon (Long), Missionary at Australian Inland Mission