Marriage of Margaret Robinson (descendant of Bungaree) to Bruce Robinson.

  • Margaret Robinson


Continuing arrival of Indigenous people in Northern beaches from other areas. Growth of Indigenous awareness and programs of education about culture and social development conducted by Indigenous people such as George Watts, Nancy Hill Wood, Lois Birk, Susan Moylan-Coombs, Cliff Ryan, Caroline Glass-Pattison, Julie Hendicott, Clair Jackson, David Watts and others.

  • Nancy Hill-Wood, Chair, 2009 Sorry Day Committee
  • David Watts, Manager ,Aboriginal Heritage Office and Cultural Centre
  • Lois Birk Northern beaches AECG
  • Susan Moylan-Coombs
  • Cliff Lyons
  • Caroline Glass Pattison, Northern Beaches AECG
  • Julie Hendicott Northern Beaches AECG President
  • Clair Jackson, Northern beaches AECG member

1960 and 70s

Birth of Tracey Howie (nee Robinson), Wendy Robinson, Yvette Walker nee Robinson and Wayne Robinson, Trudy Smith nee Robley, Brian Robley, Michael Dudley, Sharon Cartwright nee Robinson, Kevin and Michael Robinson (descendants of Bungaree).

  • Descendants of Bungaree (from left) Trudy Smith, Lynette Robley, Reta Smith, Margaret Robinson, Tracey Howie
  • Tracey Howie


Pearl Gibbs works with FCAATSI to remove discrimination against Indigenous patients in hospitals.


Birth of the later Heritage Officer David Watts at Royal North Shore hospital. David grows up in Manly.


Referendum for federal co-control of Indigenous affairs for Aboriginal Australians is successful. The Referendum is often seen as the time when Indigenous Australians achieved full citizenship rights.


The Aborigines Welfare Board is abolished but leaves behind 80 years of Aboriginal family disintegration due to the removal of children and destruction of living areas. “There is not an Aboriginal person in NSW who does not know, or who is not related to, one or two of his or her country men who were institutionalised by the whites”. (Read 1981)

George Watts establishes the Redfern Aboriginal Construction Company.