The growing settlements in White and Blackwattle Bays, occupied by the poor and homeless, are demolished and cleared for wharves and storage. Among the people living here are Lucy and William Eatock. The whole area is demolished and cleared for wharves and storage structures by 1915.

  • Dwellings for Aborigines


After 67 prior convictions, Agnes Jones is sentenced in the Redfern Police Court to 3 days in prison, ‘Drunk and Disorderly’. In the same year she is also sentenced to 7 days and 14 days, ‘Indecent Language’.

  • Agnus Jones, court record


Agnes Jones is sentenced to 14 days in prison, ‘Indecent Language’.


World War 1, Koori men in Sydney enlist in the first Australian Imperial Force. Jack Foley enlists. (V5, ‘Jack Foley, the war hero of Glebe’)


Eight girls are admitted to the Homes connected to the Sydney Rescue Work Society: one to Rydalmere Mental Hospital, two to the Female Refuge at Glebe Point, one to the church home in Glebe, one returned to the bush. ‘Some of the girls at service have made great improvement, which is largely due to the strict supervision in which they are kept. No complaint either from mistress or maid has ever been too trivial to be investigated… All the girls in and around Sydney have been visited at regular intervals, and those who show a tendency to relapse into their old careless ways have been called on monthly, in most cases with good results. Of course, there are girls who will never be a success at domestic service… The day of the Aboriginal who can only do a little washing and scrubbing is gone…’

Cootamundra Girls Home, where many Koori girls from Sydney are taken, is strict and overcrowded. The girls are taught reading, writing and arithmetic, and domestic duties like ironing, laundry and cooking.

  • Memorial at Cootamundra

Auntie Pat Eatock’s mother causes a scandal by marrying an Aboriginal man. (V27, ‘Mum married an Aboriginal’)

Agnes Jones is sentenced to 2 months and two months concurrently, ‘Indecent Language and Offensive Behaviour’. In the same year she is sentenced to 7 days, ‘Unlawful Assault’.


Jean Little, born in Eastwood in 1907 to Katie Little, is taken away from her mother.


Many Koori families are already living in Redfern. (V29, ‘When my father was three he was living in Redern’)

  • Corner of Margaret and Regent Streets, Redfern, where the first  Aboriginal Legal Service meeting was held