A grant of land to Bungaree
North Coastal - 1815

Macquarie also makes a grant of land to Bungaree and his extended family on Georges Head near Mosman later known as ‘Bungaree’s Farm’. Fields and huts are established but the land is not very fertile. However, many apricots and peach trees flourish and are sold by Bungaree to keep his family. Fishing is good in the harbour and Bungaree makes good use of a rowing boat given to him by Macquarie to row out to sea and catch fish.

When a ship appeared off the Heads, Bungaree, Cora Goseberry or Matora, or other members of his extended family, often row out to meet it. Matora asks the captain for a tot of rum while Bungaree, dressed in his naval uniform points to his farm and the land northwards, and proclaims,

‘These are my people. This is my land’.

  • Jules Lejeune's sketch of Bungaree in boat and other members of his family.

Biddy Lewis later to settle at Marramarra Creek on Broken Bay, also lives from time to time at Bungaree’s Georges Head farm.