Bungaree becomes an Elder
North Coastal - 1804

Governor King sends Bungaree on the ship Resource to help with negotiations with Awabakal people at Hunter River near Newcastle where the penal settlement has been reopened. Bungaree also is asked by King to escort six Koories from Hunter River back home. Bungaree stays on to assist Lieutenant Menzies, in charge of the Kings Town (Newcastle). Returning by foot to Sydney, runaway convicts attack Bungaree’s clansmen as they pass through the Central Coast area and kill Bungaree’s father. Bungaree becomes an Elder of his clan.

Bungaree visits his family’s settlement in Sydney more frequently for tribal gatherings and becomes a favourite of Governor Macquarie. The Governor wants Aboriginal people to settle down to grow crops and other sedentary activities. (Historical Monograph, Brisbane Water Historical Society, 1981)