A history of Aboriginal Sydney

La Perouse community church.
Old school building in Gundungurra country.
Webb family Katoomba.
Sans Souci Primary School interior, 2013.
Evidence of house foundations at Sackville Reach Aboriginal Reserve.
Jack Lang, NSW Premier - 1930's.
Aboriginal Cricket team at MCG, 1827.
Cliff Lyons.
Harry Locke.
Joyce Herbert's (Dukes) mother cries at court decision, 1948.
Gill drawing.
Marilyn Russell, daughter of Esme Timbery.
J.Hassall Farm, Cow Pasturers 1825 NSW State Library.
Tom Lewis's family at Marramarra Creek Probably Doughboy Beach, near Bar Island.
Phillip and Party visiting a smallpox victim and child; by John Hunter, (State Library of NSW).
Belgenny Farm equipment, Camden.
Karen Maber pointing out Carrs Park across Kogarah Bay.
Rhianon Caughlan, grand daughter of artist Robyn Cauglan and Darug descendant of Maria Lock and the Everingham family.
Lilburndale, Sackville Reach built c1850.
The Glen, 2013.
Rob Evitt, Peter Read and Sheena Kitchener at Appin Massacre Memorial.
2009 Sacred Big Yengo Mountain Jones.
Margaret Slowgrove's childhood home, Botany, 1940s and 1950s.
Site of Colebee grant on Richmond Road Plumpton.
Unnamed Aboriginal man, Newcastle Museum 2014.
R.H. Mathews publishes Darkinung Language 1903, p274 Verbs Tense.
Dawn Magazine, 1971-1974.
King Coomun.
Port Jackson native, William Westall, courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

The History of Aboriginal Sydney (HoAS) site is the output of a five year project (2009-2013) supported by the Australian Research Council and the Department of History at the University of Sydney. It was first published published by the University of Sydney between 2010 and 2013, and was hosted by ATSIDA at University of Technology Sydney until 2017. The initial web architect was Dr Suzana Sukovic at the University of Technology Sydney, via the Digital Resources section of the University of Technology Sydney's Library. HOAS is now hosted by the Digital Humanities Research Group at Western Sydney University. HoAS is intended as a means to repatriate histories to the first peoples of Sydney. The site is also intended as an information resource for use in schools and higher education institutuions by Aboriginal families and organisations, and by non-Indigenous people of sydney who wish to learn more about the lives, histories and achievements of Australia's first peoples. To browse through a collection, please touch-tap / click on a tree branch to enter the site.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this site may contain images and voices of deceased persons, which may cause distress.