A history of Aboriginal Sydney

Awabakal-English Lexicon to Gospel of St Luke. Threlkeld c1859. Printed 1892. Univ of Newcastle.
White Bay Power Station.
Auntie Glenda Chalker opposite Grandfather's house, South Camden.
Renee Campbell, La Perouse.
The Glen, Chittaway Point, 2013.
Dancing at Appin Massacre Memorial.
Lionel Rose, boxing champion.
Site of Blacktown Native Institution, Plumpton.
Gavi Duncan (descendent of William Bird or Little Breeches) from Lake Macquarie, Kariong 2014.
Government House, Parramatta.
Operation Aborigine, 1979.
Memorial for residents of the Sackville Reserve, Hawkesbury River.
Return of Aboriginal people Brisbane Water District 1837. Blair, 2003, 128.
Artwork, Cockatoo Island.
Bents Basin, Gulger, Nepean River.
Hand Stencils, Hawkesbury area.
Kickstart poster.
Susan Moylan-Coombs.
The bush on the right marks the edge of what was once the Rooty Hill farm.
Bathurst Plains and settlement.
Link Up.
Lane Cove River.
Dialect: Threlkeld c1827, Interrogative sentences.
Captain Cook Bridge over Georges River running into Botany Bay.
Flora - traditional to the native land.
St Johns Anglican Cathedral in Hunter St, Parramatta, where blankets were distributed in 1824.
St Matthew's sign.
Delma Davison and Julie Janson.
Ethel Rose Cooper.
Map of NSW, 1825 courtesy of the National Library.

The History of Aboriginal Sydney (HoAS) site is the output of a five year project (2009-2013) supported by the Australian Research Council and the Department of History at the University of Sydney. It was first published published by the University of Sydney between 2010 and 2013, and was hosted by ATSIDA at University of Technology Sydney until 2017. The initial web architect was Dr Suzana Sukovic at the University of Technology Sydney, via the Digital Resources section of the University of Technology Sydney's Library. HOAS is now hosted by the Digital Humanities Research Group at Western Sydney University. HoAS is intended as a means to repatriate histories to the first peoples of Sydney. The site is also intended as an information resource for use in schools and higher education institutuions by Aboriginal families and organisations, and by non-Indigenous people of sydney who wish to learn more about the lives, histories and achievements of Australia's first peoples. To browse through a collection, please touch-tap / click on a tree branch to enter the site.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this site may contain images and voices of deceased persons, which may cause distress.