A history of Aboriginal Sydney

National Parks and Wildlife Officer.
Bob Maza teacher at Tranby.
Eileen Pittman - Elder.
Albert Shepherd from La Perouse.
Ridgeway and Maher's AIM wedding, Karuah 1927. SLNSW.
Joy Reid, Liz Merle McEntyre, Debbie Barwick and Julie Janson at Mandurah HIBC.
R.H. Mathews publishes Darkinung Language 1903, p281 Vocabulary Word List.
Book by Retta Dixon (Long).
Historic gates at Ashcroft High School.
Uncle Greg Simms in the street where he grew up.
Brush Scene, Brisbane Water by Conrad Martens 1848. SLNSW.
Lola Ryan and Mavis Longbottom creating art shellwork.
Alfie Everingham, son of Mildred Saunders (Budha), Epraim Everingham and his wife Martha (Madha).
Circular Quay Postcard.
Lane Cove National Park.
1951 Mangrove Creek Poignant.
Children dancing at Bents Basin, Gulguer, 2011.
Appin Massacre Memorial Speeches, 2013.
Pauline McCleod.
Weyera, Chief of the Hunter River Tribe by Charles Kerry c1890. SLNSW.
Tizzana workers at Sackville Reach.
Bush on the right side of the Motorway once formed part of the Rooty Hill farm.
Bush nuts (Macadamia).
Stacey Bisat, Belinda Stewart,Joanne Stewart, Leanne Sanders.
Catalina disused raceway in the Gully, Katoomba, 2012.
Old tin house similiar to ones bulldozed in the Gully, Katoomba.
Uncle Greg Simms.

The History of Aboriginal Sydney (HoAS) site is the output of a five year project (2009-2013) supported by the Australian Research Council and the Department of History at the University of Sydney. It was first published published by the University of Sydney between 2010 and 2013, and was hosted by ATSIDA at University of Technology Sydney until 2017. The initial web architect was Dr Suzana Sukovic at the University of Technology Sydney, via the Digital Resources section of the University of Technology Sydney's Library. HOAS is now hosted by the Digital Humanities Research Group at Western Sydney University. HoAS is intended as a means to repatriate histories to the first peoples of Sydney. The site is also intended as an information resource for use in schools and higher education institutuions by Aboriginal families and organisations, and by non-Indigenous people of sydney who wish to learn more about the lives, histories and achievements of Australia's first peoples. To browse through a collection, please touch-tap / click on a tree branch to enter the site.



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this site may contain images and voices of deceased persons, which may cause distress.