Families living in or moving to the Gully

Families living in or moving to the Gully at Katoomba include Tom Miller and his wife and three sons Cyril, Robert (Roza) and Kevin. They have a cow with a bell around its neck that they have to chase to milk it. Every Saturday the families walk up Bungalow Hill to the shops. Jack’s grocery shop is always open. The Stubbings family also live in the Gully. Many Koories work in the Paragon chocolate factory.

  • Household items found at the Gully, Katoomba. Many Kooris were employed at the Paragon Cafe

Others include the Shears family. Ethel Rose Cooper (Lock). Molly Keenan is born in a tin house in the Gully. Ernest Henry Tucker (Bubby) lives with Nana Eva Agnes Webb, so do Harold and Kenny Webb. Dudley Webb is a cousin. Walter Green lives with Aunty Jean Skeen. Vinny Shaw (Jim Castle) lives in the Gully as does Mrs Robey a white woman lives down the road from Nana Webb. Another non-Aboriginal family are the Millers. Joan Cooper marries Alfred Everingham.

  • Mary Cooper King and David King
  • Gilbert Cooper, Frank Cooper, James Shepherd and Los Cooper, 1910
  • Marie Cooper nee Locke lived in the Gully, Katoomba