Aboriginal Reserves are declared

An Aboriginal Reserve is declared at Sackville Ridge (Portland Head). For several decades it is the largest designated reserve in the Sydney area, outside of La Perouse. It is in two parts at first. (1) Aboriginal reserve gazetted, no. 9857. It is 11 miles from Wilberforce, area 150 acres, all scrub and rocks except for 3 acres. Unfenced, uncultivated, one bark hut occupied by a Darug family. Dillon and Onus families. NOTE (2) Reserve no. 9856 gazetted 9 miles from Wilberforce, ‘30 acres [21 ha.] all scrub and rocks except for half an acre, area cleared and area under cultivation is nil’. One slab hut is occupied by a Darug family. A third part is added to the Sackville Reserve: Reserve no. 28,546, 40 acres [28 ha.] next to reserve no. 9857. One end of the reserve is situated in 2012 at Jerimuda Bed and Breakfast, 72 Laws Farm Rd, Lower Portland 2756, (www.jerimuda.com.au). 2001

  • Crockery shards found on hill side at Sackville Reserve
  • Hawkesbury River view from Sackville Reach Aboriginal reserve