Thomas Morley charged by Police

Hawkesbury Chronicle and Farmers Advocate, Windsor, NSW:

Thomas Morley was charged by the Police with an infraction of the Vagrant Act, by being in a camp of Aborigines, at Portland Head, and wandering with the wife of an Aboriginal named William Barber. Barber stated that the defendant had come to the camp, and his wife, with whom he had lived for eleven years, and by whom he had three children, two now living and one dead. The woman was inveigled away by Morley. At this stage, the senior-sergeant begged that the case should go no further. He explained to him the nature of the offence, how serious it was, and what punishment he was liable to under the law, so that he would not again interfere with this man's wife. The feelings of a black man was: as sensitive as those of a white man; and if the defendant persisted in going to the camp, Barber might at any moment, use a spear or a waddy upon the defendant. Mr Primrose lectured the defendant at some length, and told him that if he came before the Bench again he would get 6 months in gaol. Defendant was ordered to pay costs only-5s 6d, and was allowed seven days to pay.”

  • Harry Barber, resident of Sackville Reserve
  • Ruby Janson nee Reynolds, Darug descendant, born in Wilberforce