Children taken by Benevelont Society

Mary Thomas’ 3 children , William 9 years, Mary Ann 4 years and Fanny 7 years of age are taken by the Benevolent Society and a year later 1864 are sent to the Randwick Institution (Home for destitute Children). Reason “mother unable to care for them, father in Parramatta insane asylum”, “mother of children in service of Captain Jenkins”. Mary keeps her son Henry Thomas. She later has 4 more children and names some after the ones removed who are referred to as ‘deceased'. Mary Ann Bartle is born in 1868, Matilda in 1866, Martha 1872 and William Bartle in 1869. (Benevolent Society Records)

  • Thomas Children, removed by Benevolent Society,1876
  • Thomas Benevolent Society
  • Brian Janson, descendant of Mary Thomas