Ballandella (Jane) is captured from Wiradjuri land

Ballandella (Jane) is captured from Wiradjuri land and brought back to Windsor. John Luke Barber and Jane have children Samuel Barber in 1820, Joseph Barber in 1821, William Barber in 1823, Lucy Barber in 1825, and Andrew Barber in 1828, Elizabeth in 1833, Mary Ann in 1840 and Maria in 1850. Jane dies and John Barber marries a European woman. They live on Sackville Reserve. The children of John Luke Barber and Elizabeth are John, George Henry, Alfred Ernest, Maud E, Aurelia, Clara E G, Adeline L M, Susannah, Bertha B, Nina A, Maria A, Pearl, Christina P (Chrissy) Selina J, William J, Susannah and several infants who died. John Luke Barber fathers at least 21 children.

  • Ballendella, 1836
  • Yeri Barber
  • Harry Barber, resident of Sackville Reserve
  • Millie and Chrissie Barber, daughters of John Luke Barber