Tedbury shot in face

In February, Edward Luttrell Jnr, shoots Pemulwuy’s son ‘Tidbury’ (Tedbury or Tjedboro) in the face during an argument at Parramatta. In court evidence, botanist George Caley (Kaley) says he saw Tedbury remove a lead bullet from his mouth. Luttrell, who claims he thought Tedbury had speared his sister, is acquitted. Writing in later years, John Macarthur Junior thinks Tedbury died ‘a year or two afterwards’ from the effects of his wounds. (Sources: Rex v Luttrell, Court of Criminal Jurisdiction, Sydney, 13 March 1810, online at Macquarie Law. Linked with permission; Colonial Secretary, State Records, New South Wales (SRNSW) 5/1119-1; John Macarthur (Jnr), A few Memoranda respecting the Aboriginal Natives, MS A4360: 63, no date, ML.)