Barrallier describes a group hunting: When the natives assemble to hunt the kangaroo, they form a circle which contains an area of 1 or 3 miles…[2-3km] They usually stand about 30 paces apart, armed with spears and tomahawks… (Some) holding a handful of lighted bark, they at a given signal set fire to the grass and brush in front of them. In proportion as the fire progresses they advance forward with their spears in readiness, narrowing the circle and making as much noise as possible, with deafening shouts… The kangaroo, which are thus shut in that circle…try to escape in various directions, and the natives frighten them with their shouts and throw spears at the one passing nearest to them. By this means no one can escape. (Barrallier, p. 751, in Journal, HRNSW Vol 5, 1897)

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