Maugaron protests

The Koori leader, Maugaron comes to Sydney to protest the loss of his peoples’ lands. This is the first recorded formal protest known in Australia. Phillip writes, “Certain it is that wherever our colonists fix themselves, the natives are obliged to leave that part of the country.” Karskens, The Colony, pp. 454-5.

  • Arthur Phillip, first Governor of NSW

 Maugaron’s children, Brrbrrong, Ballooderry, Yerranibegoruey, Warraweer and Wogol go to live in Sydney with the white people. Two, possibly three of these children, die young of disease or violence. Maugaron and his second wife Tadyera are forced from Parramatta. They move east to Kissing Point, now deserted perhaps because of the smallpox. They name their newborn son Bideea Bidgee.