Aboriginal people demand land rights

Opposition to ABP policies continues among people at the Salt Pan camp on the Georges River. The men go to Paddy’s Market on Friday night and speak from a fruit box. Jack recalls, when asked the question "what kind of land?" he replies, "Aboriginal land! They was askin’ for the land they was on. That’s when they was chuckin’ ‘em off. There were places around … 30 or 40 acres, 60 acres what Aboriginal people was on and they [whites] went into ‘em, run a mob of cattle through their crops and that. They only had dog leg fences then. They were pushin’ [NSW Premier] Lang at that time for land rights. That’s what it was all about, and to break up the Aboriginal Protection Board." Goodall, Invasion to Embassy, p 161.

  • Jack Lang, NSW Premier - 1930's