APB agrees to remodel the La Perouse reserve housing

Randwick municipal council notifies the APB that it wants the La Perouse reserve revoked and it's residents moved. They argue that "it is in the interests of the Aboriginals themselves to be relocated." A petition opposing this is received by the government and reads: "We, the undersigned, Aborigines of the La Perouse reserve, emphatically protest about our removal to any place. This is our heritage bestowed upon us; in the circumstances we feel justified in refusing to leave." The La Perouse reserve remains after the APB agrees to remodel the reserve housing to bring it in accordance with the Randwick council specifications. Goodall, Invasion to Embassy, p 168-9, see also Dictionary of Sydney.

  • Camp at site near golf course - La Perouse
  • Erambie Reserve - 1937
  • Children in camp near golf course - La Perouse
  • Protest for evictions
  • Entrance to La Perouse camp