St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Newtown

At the cemetery at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Newtown, is an obelisk erected in tribute to the Aboriginal people buried in the cemetery. It reads ‘Erected by the Ranger’s League of New South Wales at the inspiration of the late Aldwin J. S. Stanton in memory of Mogo, Perry, Tommy and other Aborigines buried in this cemetery, and as a tribute to the whole of the Aboriginal race. Mogo was a Koori from the Upper McCleay River and is buried in what was known as ‘Koori Corner’ of the cemetery, on the Lennox Street side. His grave was originally decorated with shells taken from an Aboriginal midden at Pittwater. The other remains have been identified as belonging to Perry who died in 1849 aged 76. Wandalina, died in 1960, while Tommy has no details. (Hinkson and Harris, p. 91)