Establishment of Gawura Centre for Indigenous education

Gawura Centre for Indigenous education is established at Brookvale TAFE. The active and influential Aboriginal Education Consultative Group meets monthly at Gawura to take action and work for Aboriginal education and cultural matters in the Northern Beaches. Notable work is done by hard working Indigenous members: Julie Hendicott, Lois Birk, Caroline Glass Paterson, Eliza Pross, Cliff Lyons, Courtney Lyons, Ian Raymond, Paul Shaw and Lana Shaw, Natalie Taylor, Albert Torrens, Sarah Torrens, Emma Lowrie, Eddie Goodall, Caitlin Lawton and others.

  • Julie Hendicott, Susan Moyland Coombs, Caroline Glass Pattison, Lois Birk
  • Eliza Pross and Susan Lowrie, Northern beaches AECG members
  • Cliff Lyons

Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League Club has many famous Indigenous players such as Cliff Lyons, Mal Cochran, Albert Torrens and Uncle Bob Waterer.

  • Shell midden, Marramarra Creek
  • Mal Cochrane
  • Bob Waterer