Incidents between Aborigines and settlers

Magistrate Willoughby Bean reports incidents between Aborigines and settlers.The district had within the last 5 to 6 months been greatly disturbed by the inroads of several tribes of Aborigines, I believe from the Hunter River, the Wollombi and the Sugar Loaf. These tribes have frequently assembled in great numbers (upwards of 200) and they have destroyed the settlers’ crops … Mr Henderson, the district Constable … deemed it prudent to arm 15 men from home and to go in pursuit of them. He overtook and drove them before him along the coast to the northward till night came on, when they doubled upon him and returned. He took two of them home and released them some days. They confessed that it was their intention not only to rob the settlers but likewise to capture and burn the gentleman of the name Cape who had fired upon them … during the stealing of his corn. (Historical Records of New South Wales)

The first Census of the native population is taken in the Brisbane Water by Magistrate Bean. He reports five family groups of natives (he refers to them as tribes). These family groups are centred at Broken Bay (15 people), Erina (10), Narara (10), Tuggerah Beach (15) and Wyong (15). The groups are: The Mial or Broken Bay; Narara; Erina; Tuggerah Beach; Wyong. He estimates a total of 65 persons. He notes evidence of recent Koori settlement at Kincumber, Patonga, Somersby, Ourimbah, Wyong River, Jilliby Creek valleys, Tuggerah Beach, Munmorah-Norah Head, Mangrove, Kulnurra. (Brisbane Water Historical Society 1968)

William Cape, one of Wyong’s first farmers, reports that 200 Aboriginal people arrived on what he regarded as his land and took his potato crop. The visiting Darginjung tribe from Wollombi claimed that they needed extra food. Some time later one of Cape’s stockmen is speared. The district constable and 15 armed men pursue the Aboriginal men. Two prisoners are taken. Magistrate Bean records that Cape fired his gun at the Koories and had also alienated his sons and neighbours.

At Dooralong near Wyong, three Koori men are taken to the lock-up at Brisbane Waters. Two of the men, Jago and Nimbo, had been handcuffed together but they make a surprise attack on a constable while Jack Jones attacked from the floor and the Koori men escape.