“Branch natives” seek to recover part of the harvests from their land

“Branch natives” seek to recover part of the harvests from their land. They destroy cottages at Sackville Reach. This includes Yaragowhy and Yaramandy who are then recognised by settlers as “chiefs” of the Richmond Hill “tribe”. Events escalate after a spearing attack on new Hawkesbury settler Matthew Everingham, his wife, servant and neighbour John Howe at Portland Head near Sackville Reach. Yaragowhy and Yaramandy are summoned by local Magistrate, Surgeon Thomas Arndell, to stop the attacks along the Hawkesbury, and given gifts to “recall these unfortunate creatures to a state of amity”. Yaragowhy is a recognised spokesperson (“chief”) for the Richmond Hill/Grose Valley area and Yaramandy is a leader for the Portland Head Rock area downstream. (Sydney Gazette No. 70, 1 July 1804, p2, col 3; Ford p71)

Of the event, Governor King writes: they do not want “to be driven from the few places that were left on the banks of river, where alone they could procure food, as they had gone down the river as the white man took possession of the banks; if they went across the white man’s ground the settlers fired upon them and were angry, that if they could retain some places on the LOWER part of the river, they should be satisfied and not trouble the white man...”. King promises that no settlements will be made LOWER down the river but, unfortunately most of the rich land which both groups treasure, is already granted. (Karskens, The Colony 401, 482-3).