"Bishop Patteson and the Blacks"

Campbelltown. To the Editor of the Herald. "Bishop Patteson and the Blacks". ‘I have two boys, a black boy (apparently of pure breed) and a Sydney native apprenticed to me, on my farm, and in the little education I have been able to obtain for them, the black boy has left the Sydney native immeasurably behind him in school learning; besides which, there is no work on the farm but the black boy is, in all respects equal, and, in many instances, very superior to any while boy in the same condition of life. Added to which, there is a spirit and a liveliness about him which makes his company agreeable, and be invited to, and joins in any " gathering " going on in the district, and I am informed behaves himself very properly on all such occasions. Yours respectfully, J. D. B. (Campbelltown) (Trove: The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: 18420-1954)