Maria Lock petitions Governor Darling

Maria Lock petitions Governor Darling and informs him that : His Excellency has only kept part of the initial promise or marriage portion because she had received a cow but not a grant of land. She states: “That Governor Macquarie gave her brother Coley (Colebee) a small grant of land at Black Town – and as her brother is now dead, your humble petitioner prays that this grant may be transferred to her and her children, or that a small portion of the land may be enabled to feed their cattle, now seven in number, earn an honest livelihood and provide a comfortable home for them selves and their increasing family.” A reply is sent to Robert Lock care of Rev Cartwright, from the Colonial Secretary’s Office. The governor offers ‘an allotment of from 30 to 40 acres as near to their permanent residence as suitable land could be found, upon condition of residing on and continuing to do so for 7 years. Maria receives 30 acres near Liverpool, in the parish of St Luke bounded by Cabramatta Creek and on the east by E. Bunker’s 500 acres. Robert Lock receives a letter informing him that Cartwright has laid claim to the same land. On 22nd October 1832 Robert and Maria Lock receive 40 acres of land, which they name “Glenburn”. It is granted in Robert Lock’s name but held in trust for Maria. She also holds 60 acres at Blacktown.