Cow Pastures dance

Lachlan Macquarie, with his wife Elizabeth and a large party travel by horse carriage from Parramatta to the Cow Pastures, guided by John Warby, a constable based at the Government Hut on the Nepean River. At John Macarthur’s property at Camden , Benkennie (now Belgenny), they meet the Murringong (Cow Pastures Clan) Aborigines, Dharawal Chief Koggie, (Goggey) his wife Nantz, Mudbury and his wife Mary, their friends Bootharrie, (Budbury), Yungbundle, (Young Bundle) Billy and their wives. They perform "an extraordinary sort of dance". Source: Macquarie, Diary, 16 November, 1810, MS A778: 12, Mitchell Library, Sydney. In 2010 Auntie Glenda Chalker, on behalf of her ancestors, welcomes NSW Governor Marie Bashir at the same billabong on the McArthur estate.